About Us

Today’s Class is an interactive online learning system for secondary schools, career centers, and technical colleges. We offer comprehensive courses in a variety of disciplines, with an emphasis on preparing students for high-stakes testing and entry-level careers.

Engaging exercises, step-by-step video demonstrations, and dynamic animations make Today’s Class a fully interactive addition to the instructor’s curriculum, and the user-friendly Learning Management System provides convenient accessibility for both student and instructor.

  • Member of the National Consortium for Health Science Education's Publishers Coalition
  • Continuing Automotive Service Education (CASE) accreditation in eLearning
  • Recognition of Excellence by the US Department of Labor
  • Award of Excellence in eLearning by the Automotive Training Manager Council
  • Recognized for Outstanding Support and Service by the North Carolina Trade and Industry Teachers Association

For more information about Today's Class, please see Today's Class President and CEO Rod Boyes' interview with Kathy Ireland on Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland ® below: